Have you seen the fall of the world
How blood stains the ground at our feet
Mankind kills in the name of God
Holy vengeance, lies and deceit
Have you seen the fall of man
How wounded he crawls through the mud
Dust and bones still cover the soil,
While we measure our wages in blood

We've lost our way, the end of the rope
Our final day
We'll learn, bridges still burn

The end of days, now feel how we lost our way
Forgive the sins of those before
And turn the lies away
With eyes ablaze, now witness our end of days
A fading world for all to see, unfold the final decree

Dreams are spun in ivory towers
And fear in the game we learn
See the world, its barren soil,
The shackles that hold us will burn

It feels like we fade away
The world is dark and burning
We know, it's coming near
This is the end of days
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End Of Days Lyrics

Nocturnal Rites – End Of Days Lyrics