Tell me why you're trippin
While I'm out acting a fool
You don't have to work for nothing
Cause I make sure that you're cool
The only thing that matters
Is that you stay honest with me
If I am your boy
Then who the hell is he
Last night you didn't even come home
I sat out on your steps and called you all night long
Feel God from the depth of my soul
I can't hold you if you wanna let go, oh,oh,oh,oh,
If you really wanna go,
Go on, don't stay
If you really wanna take your love away
If you really wanna go solo
It's okay
Babe it's you life, ooh ooh
Remember when I met you
You life was lack of love
I gave your life a reason
You should thank the Lord above
You felt someone to take your messes
And sometimes understand
Who would hold you next to God,
It will never raise a hand
I could've sworn I've done everything alright
You got a man who comes home to you
Each and every night
I'm so mad
I just wanna jump place
But if you wanna go
Then I can't make you stay
Tell me what I'm suppose to do now
I wish that it could work out somehow
I laced you up,
Gave you all my love,
Showed you the game and I read you up
Now you say you just wanna bounce
Chorus till end

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If You Really Wanna Go Lyrics

No Question – If You Really Wanna Go Lyrics