Now picture the scene
It's downtown after the show
I'm looking around
But there's no-one I'd like to know

Then I see her
Yeah I think those looks would kill
Maybe she won't
But then again maybe she will

I'm trigger happy
Just thinking that she'd blow me away
Trigger happy
I'm trigger happy

But she won't even look my way
Trigger happy

My mind is moving
As the music is swinging her hips
My body quivers
When her tongue caresses her lips

I'm easy prey
Yeah I know that I'm looking scared
She starts to smile
'Cause it looks like I'm nearly snared

She's trigger happy
But she knows it could go either way
Trigger happy
She's trigger happy

'Cause it looks like we're both gonna stay
Ah yeah she's looking at me
Pointing a gun kind of nervously
On my back

From a fatal attack
Through the heart
And that's just the start
Loaded chamber, silver bullets gleaming

Check out the beat, you be feeling
Trigger happy
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Trigger Happy Lyrics

Nitzer Ebb – Trigger Happy Lyrics