When you walk
Do you take the short way home
Call you up
Does it sound like you're alone
Dressin' up
Are you lookin' good for me
Dancin' close
Are your eyes where they should be
I can feel it comin' over me (comin' over me)
Somebody help me
When you sleep
Do you see me in your dreams
Feelin' high (high) high
Do I always see the steam
I'm afraid it's taken hold of me (takin' hold of me)
Somebody help me
(Aaaahhhh oohh)
Your constant assurance
Don't want your mystery
I'm guessing, please tell me
I'm goin' crazy over you and you and me
When you talk
Are you mentioning my name
Cheryl Plate
Are you willing to explain
Hate to have you prove it constantly
You and me
(Ahh) jealousy
Jealousy yeah
Jealous, jealousy
Yeah ah
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Jealousy Lyrics

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Jealousy Lyrics