One parrot in a cage
At the home of a friend
Is reason to wonder and stare
Green wings and red face
And a sapphire belly
A racket so loud
As to out shout the tele
But this morning, my prayer
By the side of the sea
Took odds to turn back
To the moon in the trees
Where a green cloud of birds
In a flock of a thou'
Yelled from one to another
It's morning out loud
"It's morning, it's morning
It's morning", they cried
From the edge of the treetops
To the edge of the skies
"It's morning, it's morning
It's morning", they cried
So open your heart
When you open your eyes
And the sound of their voices
Together did blend
Forming chords of awakening
If I'm not here again
For they shouted
Never again would they fly
In such numbers across
Such a primitive sky
And they noticed my heart
As it sank to the sand
Do not hurry they called
It's all part of a plan
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It's Morning Lyrics

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – It's Morning Lyrics

Songwriters: IBBOTSON

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