We all call for change.
It becomes automatic.
Your wasting my time by apologizing.
I've come to expect this little from you.
It all ends in tears anyway.
My thoughts are captive.
My heartbeat quickens.
Lord show me your way.
The blood that covers me seems so far away,
Yet it's still clouding up my eyes.
And yesterdays tricks are getting older.
Will we be wiser next time?
Will there be a next time?
My heartbeat quickens.
My prayers are answered.
Lord set my path strait.
I'm needing you more and more.
I'm finding myself so hopeless.
There's something dead inside me
And i know your burning here too.
The back of my neck burning,
Twists me for new breath.
Becoming fulfilled.
New life taken eternal.
A sanity in step.
Tomorrow's a new death.
All is fulfilled.
New life's taking me over right now.
I'm fulfilled.
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Fulfilled Lyrics

Ninety Pound Wuss – Fulfilled Lyrics