Aiyyo whattup son how you feelin' kid?
Aiyyo man yo I'm killin'
Yo I was coolin' on the corner the other day man
Kid said "Yo how you gonna hit em man?"
They don't know know how you gonna hit em kid
They think you why'know you're not in this kid
Yea yo son I'ma hit em real ill kid
You know what I'ma do
Aiyyo man just tell me how you goin' hit em son

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Hit em like dis, hit em like dat
Hit em wit da real, let em know how you feel
Hit em like dis - ribbit, hit em like dat - ribbit
Hit em wit da real, let em know you feel - ribbit

One - ribbit, two - ribbit
The Froggy Frog is ribbitin', all over the place when I'm kickin'
And - ribbit, make you want to hop jump pump mine
Ribbit - yo Nine, ribbit - hit it

I hit the wall like a wrecking ball
When I yes y'all, I stand tall, it's a free for all
You don't understand how I feel when I see that
Screen and I see that screen and I fiend!

Ribbit - I don't think you ready for the ribbit - steady flow
Ribbit - I came to go - ribbit Rambo
With the greatest ribbit - afro I got ribbit - toe
To ribbit - toe, act like you ribbit - know

I huff and I puff and blow marijuana smoke
I go for broke, I ain't no joke!
I'm massive, skills up the cooloo
Nine rises, like the sunshine, I'm CUCKOO

[Chorus :]

It's flavor, neighbor, next door, hardcore
Like Bolivian, white powder, I'm raw
Crazy original, still the incredible imperial
Lyricist, can't nobody see this!

I'm sittin' on the lily pad - ribbit
A fly goes by and I - ribbit - snatch it out the - ribbit - sky
Why would you - ribbit - try, you must want to - ribbit - die
Pass the - ribbit, pass the - ribbit, thai!

I'm gettin' open off the hip-hop
Boots I knock like a pervert, more Casanova than Levert
So sweat me like a shirt, I'm goin' bezerk
Like DJ Red Alert

Ribbit! It's that ribbit-guy, that you can't get a
Ribbit - nuff of, I came to puff enough - ribbit - funky stuff up
Don't bite the Nine or the - ribbit - Froggy Frog
Keep bitin' that - ribbit - "Atomic Dog"

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay
Bow wow yippie yo yippie yay
Bow wow -ribbit- yippie yo -ribbit- yippie yay
Bow wow -ribbiy- yippie yay


I got - ribbit flavor, it's ribbit - major
I rip for the cause, ribbit - pause
Ribbit - bring it back, Froggy Frog the - ribbit revel
You dig me like a - ribbit shovel
I'm on another - ribbit level
One for the ribbit - bass, two fir the ribbit - treble

I am the Nine, and you are not
I flip the script, sell like a crack rock
I flip the script, you flip nuttin
Now who is the rudebwoy numba won raggamuffin?

Raggamuffin - ribbit, ragamuffin - ribbit
Ribbit - Six Million Ways to - ribbit - Die
I'm gettin' - ribbit - high, drivin' the - ribbit - 4x4
On the mountain, ribbit - steady bouncin'

It's Nine and Froggy Frog hittin' you thick
Like a London fog dog
You can't see what I can see
So me hafa bring back, the pure Bronx, poetry!

[Chorus :]

Like dat in nine-five, and all that good stuff, Nine
And yo this is ribbit - Froggy Frog
And yo we just came real ill kid!

Word recognize, peace
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Hit Em Like Dis Lyrics

Nine – Hit Em Like Dis Lyrics