Drinkin' the rest of last night's beer, staring at channel 5
Headin' down a one-way street, it's a wonder I'm still alive.
Nothin' left to do, nothin' left to say
But light another cigarette and mark off another day.

I'm travelin' down the wrong side of the road.
Save your advice, I ignore what I'm told.
We're all takin' bets on how much longer I can last
I'm on the wrong side of the road, waitin' to crash

All those friends I used to know, they never come around.
They copied their life off a tv screen, grew up and settled down.
Reminisce in bars is all that they do now.
Like if they talk about it long enough, it'll all come back somehow.

I listen to the preacher talk about the God of Love, the one we're supposed to fear.
I'd sit real still in my good clothes, listening to what we wanted to hear
Talk about the things that are supposed to set you free---Jesus or Jack Daniels, it's all the same to me
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Wrong Side Of The Road Lyrics

Nine Pound Hammer – Wrong Side Of The Road Lyrics