(Verse 1)
Sitting on my bedroom tonight,
Thinking of how to change your mind,
Since you walked out my life again,


So I strike a pose until my chin,
And hold the light to suit my skin,
Your favourite t-shirt on again.

Counting us,
Counting lies,
Three to one,
And I smile.

Taking pictures of myself, self, self x2
Guess I'm reaching out to be assured
All I wanted was to be adored
Now they're telling me I'm vain, vain, vain yeah,
But you don't feel my pain, pain, pain,
They send love upon the show, show, show,
Taking pictures of myself, self, self.

Taking pictures of myself x3

I'll post it up in black and white,
With a depressing quote on my life,
So that you see what I'm going through.


And is this desperation I express,
A conversation to be left,
But all my pride was burnt by you.

Counting days,
Counting takes,
Three to one, I'm away.


Taking pictures of myself x3


Hey, what you looking at, x2

Hey, what are you looking at x2

Hey, what you looking at x4

Taking pictures of my self x3

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Selfies Lyrics

Nina Nesbitt – Selfies Lyrics

Songwriters: Nina Nesbitt
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