Often times I've come to You
With multiple requests
Needing, wanting, searching for the answers to this mess
Often times I've come to You
With pain to take away
Begging to the God on high
To get me through the day

But Lord this time I come
With a longing for Your love

I need You
To be my Father
I need You
To be the strength that I need
To hold me in Your keeping
And wipe away the tears
It's true
I need You

There's so much more that You can give
Than what I've required
So help me to see beyond myself
In all my desires
I'm done with all the temporary things to meet my needs
I've learned that nothing satisfies like truly being free

On my knees I come
Longing for Your love


There's nothing really too ordinary
About the love that you've given me
Nothing like knowing the truth
That sets me free

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I Need You Lyrics

Nikki Leonti – I Need You Lyrics