All the girls I have kissed, every moment I have missed,
Every time I closed my eyes, just so you didn't see me cry,
Every time I was late, every time we had a date,
Every moment I felt bad, for making you sad

Our souls dance and intertwine and what we find between us is love
Lights flicker and stars shine, and what we find between us and
The very galaxy is love

As Spring turns to Summer, butterflies turn to butterflies
That gather inside of me, short walks at night become a
Medium of bringing about painful memories that manifest
In the moonlight, becoming a baptism of sorrow

All the girls I have loved, all the times I've been shoved,
All the times I have lied, All the times it made you cry,
Specks of light fall from the sky and collect in your eyes,
And what we find between ourselves is love.
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Folk Love Song Lyrics

Nikki Lee Heart – Folk Love Song Lyrics