Paleskinned invader, of bestial kind
Starlit impaler, shackled upon this thornthrone of mine
beware !
He bears a bejewelled crystalsemen
His spawn's a wrathful plague
Behold !
Here comes the thunderbeast
Prepare for attack !
marblewings, sulphurskin, its nectar burns the air
...the flaming fluid of a feathered fall's flare
I am the thunderbeast
A creature bred from storms and wars
with thousand thunders in my throat
And bladesong from a blackfleshed heart
scavengerstaves and vultureverses
An armed ode for the orphans' orator and savage creators
Of chaoskings, carriots and calyxcannonades...
eat the universe !
Sculpt my starmaid scars !
for I am the plunderer of magenta grandeur
Nightstalker and maelstromrider berserk
Maggotmaster, deathdancer's disease
Firefed predator, I am the thunderbeast...!

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Thunderbeast Lyrics

Nightingale – Thunderbeast Lyrics