Javelins hither ! envenom my breast !
...as minstrels of pestilence
Intrude ! penetrate !
Blacken the fount of chaosraves...
A rapturous onslaught
Bastardblade stampede
Sparked daggers stabbing onward
To each and every thornwombsleep...
intruder, intruder...! the dutcrown is yours
Intruder, intruder...! persecuter of the pure
thousandfold thunderkiss
A deathborn predator's hiss
Carnivorous as hymens in savagery
And skyclad words of furious breed
my speech...!
Torn by the intruder's carrionscythe
A bewildering razorharp
Its song damns marble eyes to see
Only memories of nightfall's feast
That brings terror and tears...
terror and tears...!

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Intruder Lyrics

Nightingale – Intruder Lyrics