Something's gotta give with the way we've been living
Somethings gotta change with the way I've been drinkin
Something is wrong

There's no use in talking 'bout the way I've been feelin
Many of these things just got no explanation
And it'd take too long

Pa's out of a job and my workin' ma is tired
Seems all of their happy and care-free days have expired
Cos' everything they've built
Is just gravel on the ground
They've got nothing now

Been landing on my knees hands shaped like a steeple
Asking if God still love his people
At times it's hard to believe

The depressions doing nothing but keeping us low
About to lose our home got no where to go
Why all this suffering?

Or once peaceful house is now a shouting match with no victor
And the words that are said resemble no kindness towards each other
Cos' everything we've built
Is just gravel on the ground
Getting kicked around

And when I dream I make believe we're still happy
Like nothing tore apart this family
It's a real nice dream to have
It's a real nice dream to have
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Everything We've Built Lyrics

Nicole Vaughn – Everything We've Built Lyrics