Lil Wayne

Yeah, uhhuh
David Banner on the beat b***h
Young Money, Streets

I'ma east sider rider, whoa kemosabe
B*****s get to stepping like Cole, Gina, Tommy
P***y is a weapon and my hoes think I'm Simon
And simon say go and get my mother f*****g money
Young Mulah b***h, tell them hoes, take their clothes off
And I don't hunt birds, but I'll shoot you in your mohawk
Yeah, flow nasty like coleslaw
Call me mister no flaw

Gudda Gudda

Yeah, I sip drank and pop pills tili I dose off
Wake up, grab the mic then I goes off
Too G for office, boss of all bosses
Crucify rappers, nail n****s to the crosses
I'm fresh out the slaughterhouse, blood on my apron
We Louisanimals, watch me let the gators in
I'm going on my paper run, a week at the Days Inn
Icing on my fingertips, I be getting cake in
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Streets Is Watching Lyrics

Nicki Minaj – Streets Is Watching Lyrics