{*scratch: "Kick it, for me, one, time"*
{"Ohhhhh, Teddy Ted!"

[Smooth Bee]
Teddy Ted, that's what I said
He and Special K are like Barney and Fred
(Greg Nice) Smooth Bee is mc's
We grow from roots to trees and then leaves
When he's strollin, high-rollin
All the girlies on the block he's controllin
He's Teddy Ted baby, livin care free
You don't scare him, so don't fear him
We're all equal, so be peaceful
And to this rap there's A sequel

{*Teddy Ted scratches over an "Ooooh child" refrain 10X*
{"Ooooh child" sample repeats 4X more

{"Ooooh child" sample repeats 4X
{"Ohhhhh, Teddy Ted!", {"You are an expert"

[Greg Nice]
Teddy Ted, a pimp with a gangster limp
Class he's flowin like sand through the hourglass
He does work, he loves to flirt
{"Ohhhhh..", {"You are an expert"

{*Teddy Ted scratches over an "Ooooh child" refrain 9X*
{"slice'n'dice", {"expert"
{"Ooooh child", {"expert"
{"slice'n'dice, he.. he.."
{"Ooooh child", {"he, he, he loves to fade"
{"sip iced tea, and lay in the shade"
{"Ooooh child", {"you gaze.." {"You are an expert"
{"You gaze.. you gaze.. you gaze.."
{"You gaze be dazed as he will amaze!"
{"Ooooh child"
{"Be home by eleven!" -> Richard Pryor
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Ooh Child Lyrics

Nice & Smooth – Ooh Child Lyrics