You got a wicked soul
That I can't control
And it feels like a fire
When you tell me that I'm yours.

And you've not ashamed
You go down in flames
Touch me baby and the devil calls out
My name 'cause honey

You are my burning desire
Hold me close and I can't feel the pain.
This wicked love's got my heart on a chaim
Oh oh you're my burning desire

In the midnight hour
Out in the bright sunshine
When the cold wind blows
I can feel your heat honey all the time

On a crowded street
Or in a limousine
Doesn't matter what I'm doing
You're what I need

Chorus You are my burning desire...

In the heat of battle
Or in the heat of love
When I'm walking' 'round thinkin'
You're what I'm thinking of

Chorus You are my burning desire...
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Burning Desire Lyrics

New Monkees – Burning Desire Lyrics