Man you could be my new girl.
Said you could be my new girl. New boyz

To keep it one hundred I'm ready for the next chick my soon to be ex chick about to hit the exit.
And right after she leave I leave the key under the mat.
When you feeling kind of lonely you be free to come and chat.
Know you heard them effin' rumors like I beat then leave but straight drop that's just gossip TMZ. Guess the principal is, I don't give no referrals.
Check into my district you can be the new girl.

I had (so many girls that fade away)
In my past (I don't think its safe to say )
But at last(but I think that changed today,
You made me think in a major way you could be)
Ma ma ma ma ma you can be my new girl.
Ma ma ma ma ma you can be my new girl.
Ma ma ma ma ma you can be my new girl.
Out with the old and in with the new girl.

I guess I seen a beauty of my life cause she was a beast.
The typical freak she made it with me.
How did she end up being caught up all in my world.
Cause now I just imagine baby you can be my new girl.
No jokes, no games I'm feeling you a whole lot.
I ran into you and no turns it was a road block.
Thinking to myself I had one of em in the past that didn't last.
A chick with no class it was so bad.
Damn now we in 2009 and I'm trynna make you my summer girl you gotta dope mind.
Lets go to Texas, Arkansa, Arizona.
We can go to Michigan live life in California my new girl.


Every time I look into your eyes I wanna feel fireworks on my insides.
You be here for me when I don't know what to do.
I need a new girl.
I need a girl who could give me some good loving.
'Cause I'm known as McLovin
I need a girl that's fresh and fly.
We can stay together through the end of time.

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New Girl Lyrics

New Boyz – New Girl Lyrics

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