Hello, bad bitch
Hello, hello, bad bitch
I don't like Knicks but ?
Mellow swag shit, I own, yeah you cocky huh
But I bet you can't take it like a Rocky punch
Trying to get it in, get it in, get it in,
Wanna let my stick hit it Ms.hockey puck
Oh I'm hella dope, get hella dough
I even got a big girl,
Call that bitch my jello bone

The way she blow, can't see my shit
Got that Helen Keller dome
You ever been to the space museum?
Well, my dick just like that telescope
U-huh, damn, u-huh, damn
That pussy from my wish list
I stop calling it kitty
'Cause them cats be on that fish shit, ugh
She said she'll hear the tune because it's perfect
She want many man, taking em shots like Curtis bitch

Bad bitches
Raise your cup
I'm taking your girl I don't give a fuck
I don't care what they say,
What they say,
What they say,
(Everybody leave your man tonight)
I swear you'll be glad that I took you home
(Everybody leave your man tonight)
And when I'm done you gon' tell him to leave you alone

Nigger, fuck your bitch
OK, I'll make her call me B-I
Bitch I'm on my B-I
All my bottles they be knee high
I rep G's down I put tree how
I'm fresh out that fucking limo
And I'm everything but sober
Break, break, breaking that tree and backing it up
Like its October
Wow! I walk in this bitch with a grip in my hand
I tell her I'm me, she jizz in her pants
She's shake it around and around and around,
Her coochies a flood, my stick is a dam
I found twenty thousand she just found my dick,
So I guess we both just hit a lick
I tell her welcome, welcome to the good life
Heard you had a bad day, well, let's make it good night
If they say we ain't big
We'll turn this to a Suge Knight,
Let's swim in alcohol and hop up on that Red Eye Kush flight
I'm Mr. Big, bitch


Bro why your girl all up on me like I'm John Doe
Hanging out back stage, waiting for a photo
Oh you dance and you a go-go
Was sure look nice to meet you
No your dude fuckin' up
He can't handle your model features
On a scale of one to nine, sorry shorty
But youz a dime
Your man lost and I'm not gonna hesitate to make you mine
I'm bout to snatch you up, like a food market
Time to bag her up
Because I only got one night, so we acting up
Oh girl you drunk, I bring them up
So much sluts and they so much fun
So my jack that I cant give it back
So I keep on going cause I can't get enough
Little momma where you goin' so much paper to be made
So much rhyme until we talk
My girl prefer to give me brain
I must say, I must say,Yeah girl your man frontin'
Fire flame fire flame fuck with us we all stuntin'

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I Don't Care Lyrics

New Boyz – I Don't Care Lyrics

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