I told you everything was fine
You called 'bullshit'
And it's not worth money
If your heart just isn't in it
You've gotta sharp mind
But I'm a bad liar
It's hardly a new disclosure
Bottle it up, it takes a bottle to get it out
So many pieces of broken glass, razor wit
You've got a sharp tongue
But I'm not a bad guy
And I wouldn't try to fuck you over
You can't tell me in the South Seas
That I'm missing out
You don't know me
You have hardly any common ground
Let's call it off
Let's take the memories and run
I'll be the villain
The man with the smoking gun
I guess this is goodbye
So have a nice life
See you at the Replay Lounge
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Bad Liar Lyrics

New Amsterdams – Bad Liar Lyrics

Songwriters: MATTHEW PRYOR

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