Feeling so alone
You act almost like you don't care anymore

Feeling so confused
You were never there when I needed you the most

Feeling so afraid
Is this how it ends

Feeling so betrayed
I bet you said that you were my best friend
But just think you proved to be my bitter end

I thought you said, forever
I thought you said, we'd always be together

I picture perfect failures like
A dream that I've been chasing
A kiss that will never exist again

I let me fool myself with things
By something I've been searching just to find
Now I see that I think that was just a waste of time

I want you to stay forever
I thought youd stay, wed always be together
(i know that this can't be the end)
I want you to stay forever
(I know that this can't be the end)
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Failure Pattern Lyrics

Never Say Forever – Failure Pattern Lyrics