Once again
Stop to pretend
I've been there done that way too many times

I won't play fool even for you
My time has come to set my sky to blue

We keep crashing every single day
But you wont feel it in any way
I know that a single bullet could pierce through this shield
But from now on
(Don't ever speak these words to me again)

Who will I help if I can't help but be helpless
I cannot hold on to myself 'cause it's not itself anymore
And if I try to reach the sky
I hit this dark side of myself (that becomes larger everyday)

No soul's meant to weight all of these lies
Put these rainy clouds out of these eyes
Picture this
Shadows confront through a deadly kiss
(Runaway, dismissed)
Picture this you're gone and won't be missed
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Plane Crash And A Blue Sky Lyrics

Never Hit Again – Plane Crash And A Blue Sky Lyrics