Mary is rocking in her favorite chair.
She is thinking of another.
While the flames flicker on her long, red hair —
She reflects upon a treasure.

Mary was widowed at an early age.
She had four sons and one daughter.
They moved in with another, and she earned her wage —
From the Captain who had named her.

It was your destiny to be
Born upon the sea
Named by a man with a cutlass sword
Once your mother gave her word.

Mary was married in a green, silk gown.
There were flowers on the fabric.
Embroidered by a woman in a far-off town
With fine hands so sure and quick.

The cloth was a gift on the day she was born
When her vessel, fair, was boarded.
Her mother made a promise and an oath was sworn —
The name, Mary, was recorded.


There is a story of a windy night —
Shovels digging in the earth.
A chest was carried and bolted tight —
Could be something of great worth.

One night, Mary came home to find
The house was dark and silent.
She ran to the orchard in the field behind.
Lord, his end had been violent.

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Ocean-Born Mary Lyrics

Neptune's Car – Ocean-Born Mary Lyrics