Verse I
I don’t wanna waste this hour ignoring you
Cause I know it’s true
I don’t wanna let this moment breaking you
Cause I won’t hurt you
Remove all doubts away
You right my path, my life has changed

You hold my world; you are all that I want
In this world, I don’t know where would I be
You forgive me just the way you love me
I know without you I‘m worthless and lost

You are my world; take it all I have is yours
It’s your love that makes my life brand new
You break this wall, no need to fear anymore
Now I know you paid it all
No one could separate us now Lord

Verse II
I’m walking to this life, believing you
My faith is in you
I’m holding to this time, trusting you
Oh I trust in you
Throw all flaws away
You light my path, and now I can see

These words my mind blowing inside
Live by faith and not by sight
Left all these things worries inside
Keep this faith fight the good fight

Take my whole life; love me side by side
Hold me now; guide me with the light
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Mind Blowing Lyrics

Neil Taculod – Mind Blowing Lyrics