Dismembering, to chop her body I begin
Bastard, bastard inside
Disfiguring, abdominal wall is opening
Offal, come to sight

Malintention, to chop the fetus I intent, hateful am I
Vile malodours, rancid odours I perceive
I'm getting high

Hate and repulsion is that
Which strengthens my intent
Fetal incising causes premature decease
Loathing am I to commit
Infanticide in unborn state
To tear out the fetus, my aggressions do increase

Mutilate the stillborn
Mutilate the stillborn
Mutilate the stillborn
Mutilate the stillborn

Dismanteling - excoriate the dead unborn
Vile waste - vile waste inside is
Festering - prenatal fluids I adore
Offal - come to sight

Mutilation, the stillborn body chopped in half
Hateful am I
The torso drained of tepid bowels
I'm getting high
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Mutilate The Stillborn Lyrics

Necrophagist – Mutilate The Stillborn Lyrics