Twelve groups of stars [Rev 12:1]
Surrounding God's heaven
Same as the tribes
The twelve tribes of Israel [Gen 49:28]

Each hold a sign [Num 2:2]
Surrounding God's presence
Blurring the lines [Heb 9:24]
'tween here and his residence

Twelve makes a day
Twelve tones in music
Twelve months a year
Do you think it's an accident?

Christ as the Sun [Heb 1:3]
Pictures the Father
Surrounded by twelve [Mat 23:8]
That he calls his brothers

Twelve precious stones [Ex 39:7]
Upon the Priests Ephod
Twelve were the sons [Gen 35:22]
The twelve sons of Jacob

Twelve oxen held [2 Chr 4:4-5]
In Solomon's temple
Three thousand baths
To cleanse all the Levites

Christ built his church [Eph 2:20]
Upon twelve apostles
And three thousand souls [Acts 2:41]
Were added at Pentecost
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12 Lyrics

Neal Morse – 12 Lyrics