I took a choo-choo-choo-choo fast as I could take a choo-choo,
I`ve come a long-long-long-long way to take you in my arms.
And now it`s your first move to prove that you`ve been true,
Come to baby, do.

I`ve been away-way-way-way-way beyond the blue horizon,
I hope that no-no-no-no-no one else is on your mind.
So pucker up, my sweet, and meet your Waterloo,
Come to baby, do.

Stop me from guessing,
T`ain`t no time to tease.
Stop all your messin`,
And put your beggin` baby at ease.

I want to love-love-love you just the way I want to love you,
I`m gonna try-try-try to try to make you understand.
When all is said and done, the one for me is you.
Come to baby, do.

Come to baby, do.
I`ve come a long, long way to kiss ya
You`ll never know how much I missed ya.
Stop your teasin`
Come to baby, do.
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Come To Baby, Do Lyrics

Nat King Cole – Come To Baby, Do Lyrics

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