Organized sanctuary
Perfect alibi
Of the frenzy
Spawn watcher

Self disorder
Spring silver
Autumn gold
In it's wake

To be set free
The morning after
The story was told

You ate up all
The flattery
You received it eagerly
Harmony lies hidden
From the
Immoral exhibition

Despirate culture
Shutting the windows
Of your dishonest soul

Waste away
How amusing
Behind our eyes
No escape

You face looks
Hard and strained
Ate up all the

Chew and swallow
Have a meal
You're not funny anymore

Take your broken wings
Learn to fly
The deeper you go
The harder you try

Search for perfection
Varying dimension
Terrified suspicion
Answer lies hidden

Like a seed
In the Earth
You ate a sin today
Just like yesterday

What's wrong with yourself
Or is it someone else
Take back
What you said

You are lying
Like in bed
The mirror looks at you
It says you are the fool

Sin eater
Loves to eat the sins
It's where the fun begins
Inside we are all the same
Eat your words everyday

Who is right
Who is wrong
To tell someone
How to sing their song
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Sin Eater Lyrics

Nasty Savage – Sin Eater Lyrics