(Nanci Griffith - James Hooker)

Snowing - through Dakota I once drove
With the wife of my best pal
Who cloaks her heart from cold with gold
It was well into the winter
Of December in the cold
Off to see Mount Rushmore staring through the snow
And to gamble with the boys of Deadwood
As we drove

Snowing - I am shaking out the snow
Oh, the cold that is within my heart
I'm gonna shake out all that snow
Riding years ago
Through those South Dakota roads
When the laughter could thaw Enderby
And shake me from the snow
Like a hurricane through Florida
I'll shake out all this snow

Snowing - one Christmas morn' when I was four
My brother told me it was warm
So a swimsuit I adorned
Then he sent me to the weather
And behind me locked the doors
A four year old in a swim suit and brand new plastic skates
Out into the snow to catch this cold
I cannot shake


Snowing - yeah, it snows in Tennessee
The place where I now make my life
Is still snowing down on me
I'd prefer Antarctica
Perhaps the land of Enderby
Where the weather is my heart and I'm closer to the sea
Since I cannot ever seem to shake the snow
Out of me


And all across the states you see the tractors and the plows
Clearing out the roads
And the bridges north and south
Something they did learn
And I just don't seem to know
How to clear a passage
And shake out all the snow
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Shaking Out The Snow Lyrics

Nanci Griffith – Shaking Out The Snow Lyrics

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