All you see is a shell
There is nothing left inside
I'm dead to this world
I'm driven by a yearning to end all life
Tears of joy in my eyes
As you scream, as you die

I have blown out the candle
I have extinguished the flame of life
For I am sworn to the fallen
And their words they are mine

That's why I dominate, that's why I remain
Words of self-hate and horrors are the teachings that I proclaim

I feel it burning inside
The darkness that grows stronger endlessly
The force I serve craves no names
Your souls are the ultimate sacrifice

Open your veins!

That's why I dominate, that's why I remain


As you stare into my eyes
Loveless, cold
You'll read the message of the end
Since eons foretold
It feels like I'm caressed by the dead
Invisible fingers tear and shred
I see no future ahead
Towards an early grave I'm led


Alone in the night I will descend into the waters dark and old.
Eaten up by this yearning to end my life
I will lower my head, breathe in, then die
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The Perpetual Horrors Lyrics

Naglfar – The Perpetual Horrors Lyrics