Intro speak:
Tell me if you never dreamed
With be a superstar...
And in my dreams
I always dream about my fans
And dancing with my dancers on the stage

I wanna be a star
I'm like a superstar (x5)

I wanna be a star
Just wanna be like Gaga
Don't climb in my Scene
And I'll play your game
If you want with me
You'll have to shine in my place

We don't have a plan,
'Cause it's just begun
This is the fame
And I don't care you're face
You'll hear me even in the train
Nacho Coyle is my name

I wanna be a star
I'm like a superstar (x2)

I'm like a superstar
Don't wanna be a flash
Just want to scream my name
You'll know me in the train
Let's go to the bar
We want party all the night

Come on baby, begins to shine


I wanna be a star (just wanna be)
I'm like a superstar (starts to shine)
I wanna be a star (just wanna be a star)
I'm like a superstar (don't wanna be a flash) (x2)

Final Speak:
I told ya, I was a star
I have a hunch
Is this a dream?
I can hear my fans,
I can see the lights
I'm in the stage
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Superstar Lyrics

Nacho Coyle – Superstar Lyrics

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