I ain't playin'!
Y'all see me enter this motherfucker shut the fuck up
I ain't playin'
(he ain't playin')
(tell him nigga)
Talk shit behind my back
(but when they see me, they don't want to see me)
I ain't playin'
(i ain't playin' wit you bitches)
I ain't playin' wit you bitches

Back yo ass fuck up
Gimme some fucking room to put my gold plaque up
I fucked all dat up rollin' I break these fuckin' bitches back open
And watch me turn my dreams realistic
Dat kinda would make you wear black armor or may handset yo picnic
I'm drinkin' but I'm still thirsty
Madder than a motherfucker dats why I'm cursing
Said I'm up here but when I'm live and in person
Whippin' yo ass from over to the clothes to the curtain
To each and every other rapper I'm a burden
I keep'em hearin' me cause I'm smooth like
Y'all niggaz washed up like the turd
So! goin' straight for your motherfuckin' throat
The rhymes that I wrote
Playin' is goin' to get you fucked up
Bout to let you bitches know

I ain't playin' wit you
(i ain't playin' wit you bitches)
I ain't playin' wit you bitches
(he ain't playin' he ain't playin')
I ain't playin' wit yo bitch ass
I ain't playin'
I ain't playin' with you bitches
I ain't playin'
(i ain't playin' wit yo bitch ass)
(Huh) (i ain't playin')
(Whatchu told me?)

I thought I fucking told you
Bitch don't you ever
Think because I'm handsome I'm mild mannered
That you can damn me think my style ain't standard
Fucking wit the man gone get you man handled
Mixing my boot camp name up in scandals and slenderness
Dats the reason niggas got tossed off the stage in Atlanta
Niggas be actin like they hard to
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I Ain't Playin Lyrics

Mystikal – I Ain't Playin Lyrics

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