Consider this another day
I wish I had something to say
About you losing your way
Another time, another place
I'll turn around and see your face
Looking right up at me
I've gotta go to where I don't know
I'll find that road I know it must go somewhere
One more thought, one more thing
Love will never be the same
Should've kept what you had
Where am I, where are you
Alot of things that we could do
So where are ya going now
What I'm looking for I just don't know anymore
I'll take this road I know it must go somewhere
Going somewhere, I'd say 'cause now is not the time
Tomorrow's not the place
Going somewhere I'd say but now is the time or place
Forget about the things we said
Forget about the lives we led
Forget the last time we spoke
Forget about the promises we broke
Take a look of what you have now
You might just see why and how all I've found
One more thing I could say
Would fly right through
Your head today
Maybe you could write it down
Another year is passing by
Maybe you'll get the nerve to try
Try to make it right
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Going Somewhere Lyrics

My Superhero – Going Somewhere Lyrics