Tilt your head to the light.
Show my that raw emotion.
I won't believe a word because I see perfection.
Just let go of everything.
We're so weightless.
You're in deep, I can tell (I can tell).

Don't say (say it), I know just what you're thinking.
Don't mean it (mean it), I'm at the point of breaking.
Just so you know there's so much more for you here.

Is it that time again?
I'm onto your routine.
At the same time, it's mostly me.
Holding back will be the death of all the words I'll never say.
But what's really left to explain when it's so easy for you to leave me?
Stay with me. Stay for me.

[Chorus x2]

I believe me when you tell me
I don't deserve this when I'm (when I'm) giving all I have to give.

[Chorus x3]
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Stay For Me Lyrics

My Former Self – Stay For Me Lyrics