The place you could find me is the Parterre
Encounter the enemy
Just pardon me the expression
Para-professional paraplegia in relationship
To narrow minded
I'm not a pardoner
I am a Loser
I've not a silhuette
I am a whooper
Recover someone's affection
Doesn't exactly mean
Recover one's balance
Recover one's breath
Recover one's legs
Give up with sense
The recovery of a hidden treasure
Never happens to myself
She puts herself before everything else
We thought to be one's second self
The self absorption as a defence
Less, less, less love of myself
Considering that a useless form of self love
Self deafiting, self attractive, attraction of herself
A counter propaganda of what love truely is
A counter part of myseld...
Encounter the enemies, infinite the enemies
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The Loser Ballad Lyrics

My Awesome Mixtape – The Loser Ballad Lyrics