People always on a search tryin' to find that one (one)
But it's funny how they may not recognize it when it finally comes
(Think it's) think it's at the mall
(Or it's) or it's sippin' at the bar
All these dates and phone conversations - we doing it all for what
When you're Mrs. Right, it's always Mrs. Wrong (Mrs. Wrong)
But I never stop to notice you were there all along (yeah)
Girl, you're everything I could ever want and need
Now it's all clear to me, and that's why...

Today, I've made up my mind
I'm gonna take this chance, bet my life on this
'Cause this precious love I've found in you
My yesterdays are gone, and tomorrow's never promised to no one
I finally decided, girl, that my today is you

Now that I'm about to put myself (self) out on a limb for love
That means (no more) no more at
The club (tryin' to) pick something up
No more late night creepin', hollerin', trying to see what's good for the night
I wanna be the best man for you (so)
If I gotta change my ways, then, baby, I'll do
(Whatever) whatever I got to keep you here by my side
And starting with today...


It took me a while (said, it kinda took me a while)
To realize just how much (how much you really)
Really mean to me, though what we have is so clear anyone can see
But I was just (tryna keep it on the low)
But I wasn't ready for love (I wasn't sure, but now I know)
Now I believe that you and I were meant to be, and that's why...

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Today Lyrics

Musiq Soulchild – Today Lyrics

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