Verse 1]
See we both shared a crowded room
Not formally introduced
But I've been watching her watching me all night
And then she disappeared for a few
Must have got herself a drink or two
She politely spoke her name
To work up a nerve to come and say hi
Like a gentleman I did the same
And she sat down and we talked for a moment, yeah
She told me she'd be pleased to be

The lucky lady leaving with me
So what, so what, it's all love, it's all love, show love
That sounds nice but I'd hate to hurt my woman
That's what she said to me, yeah
It's alright, it's alright, goodbye, goodbye
But for now you gotta live for the moment

Now what I look like deceiving my lady
The future mother of my babies
[Verse 2:]
And lose a love that took years to build
To do that I must be crazy
And right now I don't feel crazy
Even though you're killing me with your s** appeal
And on the real she may never know
But the problem is I'll know
Now it just might be cool for some
But how can I look into my baby's eyes
But I refuse to be the one
To let a moment ruin my life

I must admit you look remarkable

But my woman puts you to shame
Cause what we have is more than physical, yeah
More like spiritual souls intertwining.

Intertwining like a braid.
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Solong Lyrics

Musiq Soulchild – Solong Lyrics