yo yo
murphy lee,just call me murphy leezy
u mess wit me u getting intercepted like drew breezy
and thats to eeezzy
cuz im a ball til u fall cuz thats my law
and there aint no order
u betta run run to the border
and getcha cam corder and take my pic-shaa
cuz imma f##k it ,duck it like chrome and diss yaa
im not trying to be rude like jude but thats what young dude do
u just to small,who
like u a freshman and im da senoir
im to big u small like a misdemeanor
u dont know what to do when it comes to me and my crew
pay them dues
im a wizard like larry hughes
with them old school 23's my shoes
imma do what i do
if u wanna find me
catch a flight to st lou
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Murphys Law Lyrics

Murphy Lee – Murphys Law Lyrics