More than a feeling
Sitting on an instinct,
Breaking out fast,
No time to think if it's live-
Is it living in my own mind
Forced to the ground when I bring it on down,
It's a farce,
It's unsurpassed,
Too young to be political,
Too old to care,
What's next?
To be taken out of context,
Fooled into sellout-
Making me shout lies,
About compromise,
Forced, inhibited, unresolute
Don't shoot!
Just prostitute,
With that in mind,
Don't waste my time.

Make the whole thing mandatory,
Take the whole thing cut it in two,
Make the whole thing mandatory,
Take the whole thing cut it in two,

Don't know the meaning of the word,
And the word in blind in the adult mind,
Make haste!
Take sanctuary!
More than a minute in history
It's mine-frozen in time
With a fake fatalism running out in the middle,
It's a crime,
It's bottom line
End of an era,
The beginning of the year of blackout international,
In my attitude,
Make no mistake
We've come to fuck you over.

Right time for double standards,
Getting stabbed in the back if you look back
Criminal minds, criminals want to find
When our eyes are shut, the right place and time
To rob you blind
Don't say a word cause we'll use it against you,
And you won't have a thing to defend.

Time to rethink, reactivate,
Locate subvert and terminate
Insane-but experts with it,
Don't have to prove a point cause we live it
Altered state-the mandate
The rules of the game do not apply
Just go ahead and lie
To one another
But don't forget...
We're here to fuck you over.
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Murder Inc. Lyrics

Murder Inc – Murder Inc. Lyrics