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dat bad black British bigger beats b h***From
Brixton to Beanu the streets get switched She
said hard lips ching we, don't want s t**no Singing
a flow and it started a tempo (Verse

One) Sharper
dan a razor when, you walkin my way Gonna
f k**you up caught you up in the style When
I'm wise and my style slit, your wrist Suicide
with, my fists and my tounge comes like a knife Meana-mee-za
meana-mee-za, and, it's my trick To
six foot deeper dan da concrete Comin'
misty but like Shaggy "It Wasn't Me" It
was my lyrical ability on Trinity My
flem caught on billy so my lyrics are a flame So
my tounge comes in danger signs of deadly So
dey sayin it's anotha explosion but, it won't really fussy cuz, I Really
'em (Repeat

Chorus 2x) (Verse

Two) You
never knew about the Lyrical G Lyrical, G Mirical
lyrically, haters, fakers S-T-E-P your, boot in G-are-A-V-E You
M-I-S-S-I-N-G or, D-A-T-E to L-I-T-E Wanna
f k**wit this bad girl mc While
I f k**wit D-Y-N-A-M-I-T-E F
k**dat now, I'm femine girl f, k**your chat It's
time to get dhose who, don't really feel Unfortunately
and I'mma get are-E-S-P-E-C-T Now
bring your crew your, fools your, ton your, gun Bring
your dawgs bring, your men bring, your mum Take
her in like you fuckin wit sons Cause
I paid when the job is done [Interlude

dynamite's danger the, family changer X-Zones
banger re-arranger, dynamite, is danger Now
you don't know that dynamite's deadly I'm, ready You
ready I'm, ready all's, empty dynamite, is deadly (Verse

Three) You
so fun bring, your girly and c Dynamite**
is on p, y***ready on da run Re-arrange
your face like you was Jackson ta don Power
failure let's, get powerfully Let's
get one ting clear mc, wit'a p y***But
I'm not be f k**wit I'm, not to be dissed Take
another piece just, I'm just a lyricist Lyrics
hit like mic-core Ali's siss Man's
say she's script and girl's sayin she's a b h***Mc's
say she's s t**cuz I'm here flippin scripts People
wit sense would say I don't wanna quick snitch Labels
wanna sign her and, raters like behind her Haters
wanna bind her and dawgs wanna grind her Smart
man stiff cuz dey ain't even fine Cuz
dey kno I ain't called Dynamite for nuttin [Interlude

I step everywhere, I turn I
see da haters they can't handle anything burnt Everywhere
I spin everywhere, I go Jealously
wanna my facet and they want try and steal my dough Everywhere
I step everywhere, I turn I
see da haters they can't handle anything burnt Everywhere
I spin everywhere, I go Jealously
wanna my p y***and they want try and steal my dough (Repeat

Chorus 2x)
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Danger Lyrics

Ms. Dynamite – Danger Lyrics

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