My best friend be my lady
You my only homie, cause niggas gettin shady
My best friend be my lady
You my only homie, cause niggas gettin shady
My best friend be my lady
You my only homie, cause niggas gettin shady
My best friend be my lady
You my only homie, cause niggas gettin shady

Scratch me on my back until it hurts
Tell me the first time I grab your skirt
First time in my life, you make me want to do right
You know what you had the first time you saw me
Drop your heart and gave some love to me
You knew what you had, a nigga with nuts and guns
Ready to die for ya, do some time for ya
A world shorty of drama, splitting image of my mamma
You need to warn me the bitches that pulled the gun
stood ya, no tears
Loving me hard through the years
Even when I sold my clothes to pay the bills
You stayed real knew the deal
You love my daughter, even harder like she was yours
In moms apartment shared good times
When you left me on the grind, you came back
And every time them bitches pulled me over you hide my strap
A real nigga feel that
You believe in god, I believe in dope and dying hard
They say we never make it together but we still goin strong
Fuck what they say
I'm your gangsta be my nigga till that last song


You the only nigga that loved me
Never bugged me, massaged me, kissed me and hugged me
You the only nigga I sleep with,
slang D with, creep with, miss peep this
If you was a pound you'd be my ghetto Magnolia
Let's smoke some dolja, I know you a soldier
I don't mind getting your hair and your nails done
I went to jail, you was the only one
There for your nigga, say a prayer for your nigga
you care for your nigga
This ghetto love is way too real boo
Gettin' this scrilla for cheese, it's just for you
Remember that gangstas need love too
And ain't no bitch goin ever replace you
Let's go make some little thug and thugettes
Alize and weed is our bed you and moet
Let's leave the hood and take a vacation
Make some bacon, cause this ghetto niggas takin'


I got these letters across my stomach, screaming TRU till I die
Living through life or death, don't ask me why I get my die tonight
I'm dying with my dog in mind, your love is mine
If I had ten I'd gave you nine
You told them niggas where they're on the grind you'll do time
You for me, that's hard to find
that's why for you I'll give my life a hundred times
Even when them niggas said they fuck you
I'm ready to pull my strap and blast for you
fucking me when I'm down
Keeping your mouth closed when your bitches pull around
Ain't no range of kids between us
I don't give a fuck if this world is ending, I ain't gonna ever leave ya
Ready to give my life to keep you living right
Never had no bruises between us
Damn near be the only thing that hurt us
I never asked you to give your life for me
I want you to be here till the end so you could see me
So you can feel me, your gangsta, you be my nigga
Your gangsta, forever, together, my nigga


See what I mean, fuck what they say.
We goin be them niggas that's goin ride for ya.
Fuck Delores Tucker, fuck Oprah Winfrey.
All of them who said that the black man
don't give a fuck about his woman, bout his lady.
I know you goin be there for me.
Until my eyes close, until they fold my arms and pull me up.
Fuck that.
This goes out to all the women who stand by their niggas
whether they locked down, or out there on that grind.
Or even doing the right thing, whatever it may be.
But I'm your nigga, I'm your gangsta.
You be my nigga and you be my gangsta.
Fuck that, fuck what they say.
Fuck what they say, that's the way I feel.
I'm your gangsta forever.
Together, till death do us part.
Let it be my death cause I want you here till the end.
To see how much love I got for you, how much love.
Together forever.
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My Best Friend Lyrics

Mr. Serv-on – My Best Friend Lyrics

Songwriters: MARCUS MILLER
My Best Friend lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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