send* corrections to the typist Hahahaaaaaa

I'm... back now watch yourselves (Verse

1) Lets

talk about sex let's talk about reps Talk
about lust and talk about trust talk about death And
talk about lies talk about truth and talk about life I
know soon I go see me come back with about 10 crows So
I make it all simple you you, and the world a nickel Sicko
status who be the baddest motherfucker Watch
when I buck you all of this arson all of this fire You
be the G liar liar, quiet hums then I come Who
who Mr Lil. One evilish ways devilish style Selfish
pitiful greedy times (Chorus)


I feel so alone Hear
these sick thoughts going through my dome Voices
playing with my head Some
times I wish I was dead (Verse

2) Lets

talk about day talk about night talk about wrong And
talk about right talk about truth talk about faith Talk
about you and talk about snakes wait till the grand finale Now
Lil One blowing up in Cali had it bag it feeling the fans Everybody
knows I'm the man crystal clear how you fear Me
Lil One every time I'm near beer, I love it ghost I love them And
what about hoes I think nothing of them Enemies
run damage is done why why they fin to get done Satanical
sign dramatical times all cuz I'm sick in the mind (Chorus)


*part dead repeated three times) (Verse

3) Lets

talk about you talk about me talk about us And
talk about greed Talk about hoes and talk about sluts Talk
about girls and talk about mutts why, must I feel this way All?
this pain every single day Moms is gone music is lost Still
I feel all of this wrong all this hate all this drama All
of this hate from my baby momma Making
up lies family ties shred it poke and sitting here coping Frown
on my face hope that she taste Some
of this shit when it blows in her face (Chorus)


One Talking) That's

Lil One that's Lil One that's Lil One Coming
for you But you know this and you know this gone
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Voices Lyrics

Mr. Lil One – Voices Lyrics

Songwriters: SALVATORE P. ERNA
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