When I was 3, my mother said to me
Eat up your greens and say your grace
While on TV they put a dog in space
And left her there... you shoulda seen her face

When I was 5, the dream was still alive
And Walter Cronkite said: "One day we'll earn our daily bread
Conducting things in outer space"
But still on earth I thrive... and you pretend I'm not alive
And walk by with my substitute

While I fasten the oxygen valve
On my space suit

When I was 8, we shared a cloakrack - it was great
And I pretended I had so much on my plate
I had a speech to write, about moonshot trajectory
And during phonics class, perfected my delivery
Now the band's playing "Hail to the Chief"

While my capsule's out floating by some
Tropical reef

all the experts can agree on
regarding your motives
in the cape canaveral crash...
is that they know nothing

it puzzles me so...
it puzzles me so...
it puzzles me so...

Now I'm full grown, and I've a spacecraft of my own
But there you sit, still upon your Earthly throne
Hey darling, throw this space-pup a bone
Don't touch that dial, don't hang up that phone

[The following section is repeated several times, ending the tune]
Band's playin' hail to the chief
It puzzles me so...
Don't hang up that phone
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Laika Lyrics

Moxy Fruvous – Laika Lyrics