(Ya Know,) Not you're average dude
May look like but don't be rude
Been scoping you scoping me
Let's get close you, her, us three
Party hardy look like Barbie
I'm not Ken but I fuck Barbie
Yes you know I joke I kid
Let's have drink
Get drunk and shit
She dance on me
In her high-top leather boots
I'm feeling girl
And I think she want to do (X 2)

Something Crazy (She want to do)
Something Crazy (She want to do it, ey) (X 4)

Yeah you like that sound
Shots and shots and let's take that down
Hipster girls is freaky
Leather boots and skirts and skeeting
Make one move on the floor
Shake that ass like your a whore
Yeah, I joke I kid
Let's just party like retro kids


We go 'round here
Don't know what y'all is used to
Party like you should too
She feeling us and not you (X 2)


She want to do
She want to do it

She want to do
She want to do it, ey (X 2)

She want to do
She want to do it
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Risky Bizness Lyrics

Moxie Black – Risky Bizness Lyrics

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