I like the universe, but she messes with my words
I'm not talking planets or galaxies and the distance just makes it worse.
I know what you're thinking, this probably sounds rehearsed.

So let's give it up for the New Year
Did this party of two have you slightly confused?
Now that our things are divided
She refuses to speak and I'm driftin' to sleep at the wheel.

Liquids, powders and pills, not quite against my will.
The tastes test of girls, from all over the world
who refuse to except my excuses.
She put up with so much of my madness and my self-abuse
She would tend to my wounds and fill me with food when I'd stumble and drunk for breakfast,
She was right to take off before she was consumed

You're totally right, every action was well rehearsed.
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Resolution Lyrics

Motion City Soundtrack – Resolution Lyrics