One-sided stories of playthings and
Piano strings and everything which in
The heart stings

Like trying to sing while hysterically weeping
Franticly trying to seal the cracks through
Which all things are leaking

The fairy tale slowly fades to black
My conscience screams to me a warning
Don't look back

There's a sting in your heart
And if it feels like me
I hope you feel it forever
That you may always remember

Dare I still feel with all of my heart
Am I the last of my kind
The fool for whom this lesson goes unlearned
Those who attempt to touch fire get burned

May this sting in your heart
Live as long as you do
A painful reminder
Of all that we've been through

An pluckable thorn resting in the side
A promise, an oath to through all things abide
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Collusionist Lyrics

Most Precious Blood – Collusionist Lyrics