Bismillah ir Rhman ir Raheem
Def on the speak
Epic on the beat

Champion chronicle, M Def remarkable
A breeze through the street
Like the most potent ganja fume
The non-stoppable 'A' article arsenal
True legendary Zulu Johnny stomper dude
Held responsible, bright, black, phenomenal
M mastered the magical, ceremony classical
Black hand touch the intangible, strong hold
And get *'em all* with or without the barcode
Y'all know, who stay frontin' like y'all don't
Stay gone, brother stay home keep the K close
At the crime court keep a case low
Flaco got to keep "a face" though
Baby, make no mistake about it
I remember them days without it
Vibrated a major wattage
My gate safe and solid
My flow translate to major dollars
New ways and options
New days new plagues and problems
News page all the rave about him
"It's so good, so hood, nothin' changed about him"
You know

It just gets better with time
It's like a greater later winner eve-ry time
I got the will and the skill
That the building can't kill, that's real
Who that? The Undeniable
True that, the most incredible
Your M deffer, the Undeniable

Cool ways are the sake of my time
I get paid even if they don't pay me no mind, you know,
The days and times be frustrating the mind
They youngbloods
But discover such danger they shine, its so,
Necessary that I come with the raw
The magnetic, the sure, the most magical pure, "G Bank"
So bear witness to the actual fact
It's no trick or a magical act
Supernatural black, Dante this exclusively style
Spread love baby move it around
You know


True Magic
True Magic
True Magic

It just getting better with time,
I got the will and the skill,
That's real,
The Undeniable,
M Def
Don't Stop, keep on (Boogeyman)
Yes sir, yes ma'am, yes y'all
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True Magic Lyrics

Mos Def – True Magic Lyrics

Songwriters: Smith, Dante / Dove, Mark / Worswick, Dustin
True Magic lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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