In my heart I'm an ordinary man
Though I may seem old and I'll
I have had believes and dreams
Believe me, I Have got them still

As though my future looks black
Yet my blood is also red
I've never felt so blue
Since They've told me, I'll soon be dead

My hopes and joys have vanished
As sorrows and despair have vanquished
I think of beautiful memories long gone
Knowing they're never to be returned
Sometimes I fall down on my knees
God, can't even Thy cure my disease?
I'm crying, still no one hears
Behold me for this vale of tears

Although I don't have much time left to live
I still have got love to give
What I've done wrong?
Please tell me why
Ab inscientia depositus sum
Tell me am I?
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Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum Lyrics

Morphia – Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum Lyrics