I'm puttin the hero back in heroin
'cause i'm happier walkin dead
Stickin it in
I never grew up and i'm sure i never will
And i'm sure that what i'm sayin is irresponsible
But i'm never havin kids
And i'm never gettin hitched
'cause i'm already married like a scratch to the itch
They tried to tell me in school i'm a b
I said school

Gimme heroin
Jackin up again
Under my skin
I'll never win
Evils begin

Graduate to I.V. league
Steppin up from pills
Intentional overdose-
Or just for thrills?
Everyone is sayin that i'm just bones and skin
But it really is my soul that's coming thread bare and thin
I'm feelin the sickness
I can't hold it down
It's been too long with
But without it i'm down
I don't wanna live 'cause i'm fed up with it
But i blame the CIA for importing this shit

I feel the warmth of the after glow
A thoudsand years drift by
But i don't know
The land of nod knocks on the door
And offers up just a little more...
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Gimme Heroin Lyrics

Morning Glory – Gimme Heroin Lyrics