Why me?
In the horrible abyss of darkness
I am hurt blind man alike
I touch the shapes the shapes blindfold
I move my expecting
Hand upon them
And I feel them bearing up into my mind
I search the picture of them in the unconcious
But they are so far and unknown

Why can't I know the colours of rainbow?
Why the moon and the sun are strange to me?
Why can't I see the people's faces?

I do not know
The difference between
The smile and tearful eyes

Why me?
In the emptiness hurting to pain
I am thristy beggar alike
I want to reach heaven at last
I want to feel the sence of my existence
And discower the purpose of earthly journey
But what if does not exist?
Will I be able to reach for the sun?

Why does the uncertainly follow me?
Why I am so strange?
Why do I feel cheated and moved back?

Why me?
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Why Me? Lyrics

Mordor – Why Me? Lyrics